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003.3 - Computer science- system- computer modeling and simulation


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Computer Science

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Writing for Computer Science is an introduction to doing and describing research. For the most part the book is a discussion of good writing style and effective research strategies, with a focus on the skills required of graduate research students. Some of the material is accepted wisdom, some is controversial, and some are my opinions. The book is intended to be comprehensive; it is broad rather than deep, but, while some readers may be interested in exploring topics further, for most readers this book should be sufficient.

The first edition of this book was almost entirely about writing. The second edition, in response to reader feedback, and in response to issues that arose in my own experiences as an advisor, researcher, and referee, was additionally about research methods. Indeed, the two topics—writing about and doing research—are not clearly separated: it is a small step from asking how do I write? to asking what is it that I write about?

In this new edition, the third, I’ve further expanded the material on research methods, as well as refining and extending the guidance on writing. There is a new chapter, on professional communication beyond academia; the chapters on getting started, reading, reviewing, hypotheses, experiments, and statistics have been expanded and reorganized; and there is additional or new material on many topics, including theses, posters, presentations, literature reviews, measurement and variability, evidence, data, and common failings in papers. Every chapter has had some revision, and reader feedback has again been importance in shaping changes. The references have been removed; with so many excellent, up-to-date reading lists available at the click of a search button, a static list seemed anachronistic. The example slides have been dropped too; there are limits to the advice that can be given on dynamic visual presentations in a printed textbook.


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