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Financial Management

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<p>The telecommunications sector in Indonesia continues to grow very rapidly. This was followed by the launch of 4G in Indonesia which officially operated in 2011. And also the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic which required people to interact via online. The entire community continues to support and demand the development of telecommunications in Indonesia. Therefore, there has been an increase in the operational activities of each telecommunications company, especially at PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. This study aims to analyze the productivity level of the telecommunications company PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (Persero) Tbk. in the period 2011-2020. This study uses the Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) method to calculate the level of productivity using DEAP 2.1 software. There are two variables used to test the level of productivity, namely the input and output variables. The input variables consist of labor, capital, and materials, while total income and earnings per share are used as output variables. This study uses time series data. Data collection in this study was carried out by analyzing the company's annual report obtained on the company's website. The results showed that PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. unproductive judging by the value of TFPCH and supported by TECHCH. This means that PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. unproductive, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. not optimal in using and utilizing technology in its operational activities. Although not yet productive, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. already efficient in managing its inputs and outputs.</p>

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