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741.5 - Cartoons, caricatures, comics, fotonovelas, cartoon fiction, graphic novels (visual novels)


Karya Ilmiah - Skripsi (S1) - Reference


Visual Novels

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Indonesian Folklore is one of the culture of Indonesia Country. but now folklore increasingly forgotten by the people in the country, that thing becauses the lack of awareness from the Indonesian people itself. Because of that Indonesian folklore is not popular in society. Lack of awareness people causes Indonesian folklore not known between generation to generations. therefore, the purpose of this research is to find a solution how to conserving folklore to the society. The solution can be resolved by creating a new media that there are have elements of Indonesian folklore in it. How that is done to conserve the folklore focused to adolescents because that is period when their curiosity is very high with something new and they are of the factors to conserve folklore from generation to generation. In this research, the data carried out from various ways of collecting data by observation, questionnaires, interviews, and reference book. the analysis was using SWOT analysis to determine a strategy in the design. Based on these results, it turns out suitable medium used to conserve folklore Indonesia is an interactive multimedia in the form of visual novel.

Keywords: Indonesian Folklore, Conserve, Culture, Character, Teen.

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Penyunting Jerry Dounald Rahajaan


Nama Universitas Telkom, S1 Desain Komunikasi Visual
Kota Bandung
Tahun 2014


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